A Match Made in Heaven: Find Your Next Hire with MyUnfold

A Match Made in Heaven: Find Your Next Hire with MyUnfold by @HRTMExec and @MyUnfold

 A Match Made in Heaven: Find Your Next Hire with MyUnfold by @HRTMExec and @MyUnfold


A resume is bland, static, and nowhere near the best representation of a professional. We’re taught to “game it” by playing on words or phrases to make them sound spectacular. We even try to focus on cheating an automated tracking system (ATS) before representing ourselves. This doesn’t help recruiters, in fact it frustrates them—because now they have to turn on their “spider senses” and spend time rooting out the great candidates from the not so truthful. Candidates shouldn’t have to wear a mask, and recruiters shouldn’t have to play the role of a lie detector. It helps no one and downgrades the potential for two people to connect on a professional level. – Alex Diaz, Chief Marketing Officer of MyUnfold

MyUnfold calls themselves the matchmaking service between career recruiting and job searching. Currently paired with LinkedIn, the company provides a unique app that allows candidates to be themselves and be noticed. It also allows potential employers to easily find applicants that not only can do the job, but are most like to be a great fit for the company.

How MyUnfold Helps Job Applicants

 A Match Made in Heaven: Find Your Next Hire with MyUnfold by @HRTMExec and @MyUnfoldUnlike the competition, MyUnfold not only offers a match-making service, but also provides skills validation. After taking a series of skills assessments, candidates results are authenticated through a third-party partner with a four-step validation process: internal screenings, expert reviews, peer reviews, and live feedback, according to Alex Diaz, Chief Marketing Officer of MyUnfold.


MyUnfold presents job applicants with an opportunity to showcase their professional and personal character alongside their skillset. This offers a three-dimensional snapshot over a traditional resume-only application. Applicants have an opportunity to “walk the talk” before interviewing, laying down a strong foundation to begin real human relationship building during the interview process, states Diaz.


Due to the variety of different standards in personality tests, Diaz says that MyUnfold does not include personality testing in their assessments. The subjective nature of these tests may not add any immediate value for a recruiter. Keep in mind, a recruiter may like you but that doesn’t mean they should hire you. Skill and personality come hand-in-hand with their methodology, an approach lost today which they address in their post  Recruiting: More Science than Art.

 A Match Made in Heaven: Find Your Next Hire with MyUnfold by @HRTMExec and @MyUnfoldHow MyUnfold Helps Recruiters

Using a numerical-based value, which is “very similar to the ‘Match.com model’ for online dating based on user-profile scores,” recruiters are provided with the best candidates for the position, states Diaz. “ In tackling the employment issues within America, the MyUnfold team chose a different path than most— by not focusing on the candidates first, but focusing on the pain-points of recruiters— because they are the gate keepers and have to deal with the flood of potential hires,” he says. While other companies aim to make the application process easy for candidates, MyUnfold seeks a solution for both parties involved in the hiring process.


How MyUnfold Came To Be

Named after the concept of allowing users to represent – or “unfold” – the various layers of their professional character, MyUnfold is about “people first, jargon last,” states Diaz. The concept of the company came about when MyUnfold CEO, Mark Monroe, had difficulty finding candidates for several positions with a former company, while Co-Founder, Yujin Ghim was on the other side of the coin, a recent college graduate having trouble displaying his unique skillset to employers.


The team slowly formed out of others experiencing the same problems within hiring or getting hired, states Diaz. The lead UI/UX designer has no college background in design, but her experience more than makes up for the lack of degree. A MyUnfold software developer was unable to get the right interviews, or receive feedback on why he was turned down for positions, despite his extensive knowledge and degree in computer science.


Diaz states that the team’s silent mantra is “Be the person you needed when you were younger.” They came together, he says, each with a belief that the current system as it stands needs some help in a new direction; a direction where both parties at the end of each funnel can gain something in value.”

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