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Find Your Next Great Hire During Happy Hour with Betts Recruiting

If you’re tired of tediously wading through the credentials of hundreds of unqualified applicants to find one good candidate, and you’ve grown weary of the monotony of cut-and-dry, prim-and-proper interviews, be of good cheer. You may be able to find your next great hire during happy hour. Betts Recruiting is on a mission to change

Don’t Hit a Wall. Grow Your Company with DISC.

We’ve all been there in the business world — your company has been growing for the past three to five years and bam! It hits a plateau. You scratch your head in puzzlement, beginning the search for how to continue growth in your industry. It’s common to push more sales and marketing, even hire more

Global Consulting Firm Ties Profitability to Great Company Culture

What do Microsoft, General Mills, and FedEx have in common? They are all clients of Great Place to Work, a global human resources consulting firm that specializes in organizational trust. With offices in 43 countries and on six continents, Great Place to Work advises businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations about leadership and culture. It