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Why Your Satisfied Workers May Be Looking For a New Job

You’re doing everything you can to create an environment in which your employees are engaged and happy. Despite your best efforts, some of your workers may be looking for a new job this year. According to an online CreditDonkey survey of 905 American workers, 66% of employees are satisfied with their current job, yet 44%

Leader Engagement – The Missing Key to Employee Engagement?

By now, everyone in HR – and likely, everyone up and down the organizational chart – knows that employee engagement is critical to a company’s success. And we all know that most employees believe that the CEO, senior management, and first-line managers are responsible for engaging workers. However, it’s not clear that we understand the

Should You Penalize an Applicant for Job Hopping?

Job-hopping – moving from one job to another every few years – used to be a sign of instability or some other type of work-related issue. However, the practice may be losing its stigma among some workers and employers. According to a study by Accountemps, which was published in December 2014, quite a few workers