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Three Uncomfortable Truths That Can Derail Your Organization

A previous HR & Talent Management article, “Millennials in the Workforce: Separating Fact From Fiction,” was based on an IBM study that dispelled five common misconceptions regarding the behaviors, habits, and expectations of working Millennials. However, the second half of IBM’s groundbreaking study, “Myths, Exaggerations and Uncomfortable Truths,” reveals that workers from every generation feel

Two-Thirds of Managers Need Guidance on How to Coach and Develop Employees

  Organizations want high-performing workers, and employees want to develop the skills and knowledge they need to advance their career and make them more valuable to the organization. So far, it sounds like everyone is on the same page. However, managers are the bridge from Point A to Point B – and that’s a problem

How to Recognize Management-Material Employees

  “You manage things; you lead people.” ~Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper According to a recent survey released by The Creative Group – a creative staffing agency that connects full-time or project-based talent and companies in design, marketing, advertising, and public relations – the employees that are considered for management positions already display leadership skills