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Joberate: The Equifax of Human Resources

Want to know which corporations have the most active job seekers? Joberate can provide this information. Utilizing analytics technology, New York City-based Joberate uses data derived from social media to track, and predict, people’s job seeking behavior. “We want to be the Equifax of human resources,” says CEO and co-founder Michael Beygelman, who believes that

What You Should Know About Searching a Candidate’s Social Media Profiles

It’s becoming more and more common in human resources to check out a candidate’s social media profiles before making that final hiring decision. When they do so, however, they need to be very mindful of the legalities surrounding the information gathered from social media searches. Thallen Brassel, of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, says
CONTINUE READING Takes the Pain Out of Social Recruiting

The job of recruiting top talent is never-ending, and it requires HR professionals to constantly learn new techniques and strategies. Unfortunately, all of the other responsibilities laid at the feet of recruiters can often mean learning new skills is difficult or impossible to do. This is a major reason why social media recruiting is so

Checkster Elevates the Hiring Process

  Who is the best candidate to hire? This is an eternal question that human resource managers and recruitment companies wrestle with daily. Yves Lermusi, the CEO of Checkster, decided to solve that very dilemma. “Fifty percent of new hires are, on average, bad hires,” stresses Lermusi.   Several factors contribute to hiring the right