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Degreed Webinar Puts Learners First

Corporate learning is struggling to keep up with learners. It’s too slow to keep up with constantly evolving business needs, and too stuck on old approaches to keep up with employees’ fickle preferences and habits. It doesn’t have to be that way. But to catch up, learning and development (L&D) organizations need to start rethinking

April 7 Webinar to Address Paradox Created by the Battle between Learning and Control

Most business leaders agree that the success of their companies is dependent upon a strong culture of learning. But learning and development professionals often control many aspects of process, stifling learning opportunities. An upcoming webinar, scheduled April 7 at 1 p.m. (EST), will address how to handle this suffocating paradox. The 45-minute webinar will be

WORKible Hosts Building Talent Communities Webinar

Talent communities are a growing form of social recruiting that rely on networks of people who are part of the job-seeking process. Often, these people are seeking jobs themselves, but some are there to offer career advice to others. Members of a talent community can also include recruitment professionals, college campus recruiters, sources, and friends