CLI Values Cards Makes It Easy to Focus on Crucial Values

CLI Values Cards Makes It Easy to Focus on Crucial Values by @HRTMExec

CLI Values Cards Makes It Easy to Focus on Crucial Values by @HRTMExec


As a leader, it is vital that you keep on top of those values that make you better in leadership. In the hustle and bustle of your workday, though, it can be challenging to find the time to decide which values you need to focus on, let alone actually focus on those values. This is where the Coaching and Leadership International, Inc. has your back with the new CLI Values Cards app (available only on iOS for now).


Betska K-Burr, Co-President of CLI, has developed three apps within the past two years for leadership coaching. The largest app, The Brain Walk, was designed first and set the tone for the rest of the apps: creating an app that was simple and easy to use. The inspiration behind the CLI Values Cards app, K-Burr says, lies in values-based leadership. One of the key facets behind values-based leadership, according to K-Burr, is whole brain thinking to tap into your own genius.


In 1990, K-Burr’s brain went “fuzzy” after having her child, and she discovered that many of her struggles were based on beliefs in her subconscious mind. “I coached myself,” K-Burr says. “Within three months, the fog lifted and my back pain went away and never came back. I felt like I wasn’t being supported by my family as a child; I had a lot to clean up in my subconscious mind.”


According to the concept of whole brain thinking, everybody is a genius, but people have to create their own circumstances to unlock that genius. Through CLI’s Brain Walk, a free online self-coaching tool, and the CLI apps, the Coaching and Leadership Company is giving a gift to the world–the means to coach yourself, if you cannot afford paid coaching.


CLI Values Cards Makes It Easy to Focus on Crucial Values by @HRTMExecBy using the CLI Values Card app, leaders can “pick a card” that represents the value they are supposed to work on for that day. Alternatively, if they have an employee that is a source of dismay or disruption, they can pick a value that they will work on with that employee for a day. Values include such attributes as assertiveness, passion, responsibility, and 73 other human values. Through focusing on these values, the leader and the leaders employees unlock left and right brain subconscious, improving their leadership capabilities.


“The number one job of leaders is to create leaders,” K-Burr stresses. That is why she recommends using the Values cards as part of a leadership self-reflection exercise, which helps people become more introspective. When K-Burr uses the app that way, she:


  1. Taps on the app, and picks a value on the app to bring to the coaching session.

  2. Introduces the value on that card to the attendees at the coaching session.

  3. Encourages attendees to think about their workplace, and how they can bring value to the team.


CLI hosts workshops and webinars to improve leadership among employees and leaders. They have students in more than 20 countries, with seven instructors running the workshops. K-Burr stresses again that, “As leaders, we need to create new leaders. We need to be role models for other leaders.” By using the CLI Values Cards app, leaders can improve their own leadership capabilities as well as the leadership potential in their subordinates, fulfilling the primary goal of creating new leaders.


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