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One of the major challenges in recruitment, besides finding and retaining the right candidates, has to be business growth itself, which sometimes entails using high-pressure sales techniques and fulfilling recruitment quotas. On the flip side, companies who’ve used recruiting services are forever fighting the high costs of using recruiters and weeding out ineffective recruiting firms that don’t deliver prime candidates.

Introducing RecruitLoop, an ambitious startup trying to democratize the recruiting industry.

“Recruitment as a profession is really very fragmented, and there’s a lot of people who work in small agencies as recruiters. We’re the first providers to focus specifically on small, independent recruiters. We give them a platform to make them more effective and let them market and compete with companies much, much bigger than they are,” according to Michael Overell, CEO of RecruitLoop.

In 2014, ERE.net issued a list of recruiting challenges facing the industry, citing factors such as limited resources and a shortage of top recruiters as foreseeable problems in recruiting. Overell is confident RecruitLoop can solve these issues.

Overell calls what they do “elastic recruiting.” In fact, this term is trademarked by RecruitLoop and conjures the idea of malleable recruiting.  “We’re building the world’s biggest community of talent professionals. In our world, that includes recruiters, sources, researchers, headhunters, anyone involved in the business of helping companies find talent,” he states.

RecruitLoop01RecruitLoop is a two-sided online marketplace. On one side is a platform of independent talent retention professionals, while the other side allows companies to engage recruiters on-demand.

This on-demand premise connects the concept of “elastic recruiting,” which is based on a flexible-use model, helping to reduce the lumbering costs of recruiting. “Companies can engage an expert recruiter for any part of the hiring process, as much or little of it as they need,” explains Overell.

RecruitLoop02RecruitLoop allows recruiters to have a well-designed online profile and a page to present a portfolio, which gives a snapshot of the roles and projects they’ve worked on.

A second branch of tools is available to help the recruiter manage workflows. They can create branded campaign pages to share on social media profiles, disclose a short list of candidates to their clients, and there’s even a product for recording interviews. Video is a powerful way to gauge a lot about a potential candidate quickly, says Overell, and has proved successful on RecruitLoop.

RecruitLoop03Being a full-service system, RecruitLoop even manages administration, such as invoicing and payables.

With 500 recruiters on their platform, scattered in over 60 different countries, the main driver of RecruitLoop is to upend outdated conventions of recruiting. “We saw a big opportunity to try and solve the recruiting problem, in a really global, scalable, online way,” says Overell.


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