CTCG helps take the pain out of career transitions by @HRTMExec

One of the most painful aspects of an organization downsizing or otherwise making employees redundant is trying to support that individual’s transition from one role to another or from one employer to another. Career management is not something you see universally taught in schools, colleges, or universities. This lack of education leaves the brunt of the responsibility either on the shoulders of the individual or, in rare cases, post-downsizing support provided by organizations. UK-based Career Transition Consulting Group (CTCG) was founded with the intent to carry out its aims of helping to ease the transition made necessary when an organization’s efforts to better streamline its workforce result in layoffs or transfers.

CTCG maintains that its mission is “to coach and counsel students, job-seekers and those who are employed to function effectively in the pursuit and management of a satisfying career.” This is vital education for everyone in the workplace, because the days when a person would have a career for life and was managed by their employer to advance through the ranks have given way to a new time in which an individual might have multiple careers with no transition support as he or she moves from role to role or employer to employer.

Classes are offered to both individuals and groups of individuals, regardless of whether participants are looking for a career or are already employed. CTCG’s classes help attendees appreciate their unique and authentic capabilities while realizing their life purpose and maintaining a focus on getting the best out of both life and career.

Human resources practitioners can reap tremendous benefits from the counseling and training CTCG provides, which can be integrated into established continuing education programs or can be scheduled as stand-alone seminars to further employees’ capabilities and career development. If redundancies are deemed necessary, the morale of remaining staff can be damaged almost irreparably if the organization does not take steps to help with outplacement for displaced workers.

Another boon to the organization can be found in the courses’ ability to help deal with unmotivated or disengaged workers. The training and introspection generated by the courses can re-energize the workforce, leading to better engagement. Alternatively, the insights generated by the seminars can provide clarity on where disengaged workers really want to be, encouraging them to disassociate from an organization in a productive, non-confrontational way.

Such training can help human resources professionals in other ways. Realizing how important self-exploration is and how to recognize someone’s authentic capabilities can improve a recruiting team’s ability to identify the best candidates for a position or team of employees.

CTCG offers programs in self-awareness and capability realization, individual career management, as well as continuing education credits that apply towards the United Kingdom’s Level 4 qualifications.

If a human resources department is neglecting career development and transition training, it is missing out on a huge opportunity to improve morale and the marketability of its employees. While the days of corporations help their employees manage their careers might be over, the simple benefit of the improved morale provided by caring about continuing education and development produces better engaged and more productive employees.


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