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Mobile apps are available for almost everything. There are apps that turn your phone into a flashlight, send you reminders, or organize your day. You can find apps of the latest games, and ones for reading books and listening to music. But what about making hiring new employees easier and more convenient?

iStock_SmartphonesProven is a free mobile app that helps job seekers find available work and assists hiring managers in placing job ads. Proven allows users to create resumes and cover letters; import existing resumes from email, Dropbox, or on the web site; save job postings, and search postings from SimplyHired or Craigslist, according to an article by Karen Tumbokon on

The app “initially only offered the employer features on the web, with the mobile app focusing on job seekers,” according to an article by Shyla Mark on With the current updates, Proven now offers companies the ability to use mobile devices to post jobs on Craigslist, as well as search applicants and contact candidates.

Pablo Fuentes, CEO and Co-Founder of Proven, is “committed to helping people find jobs through their mobile phones.” Proven was launched as a means to help minorities and women find work in the food service industry. The proven-appsuccess of Proven’s job seeker functions pushed Fuentes to move to the next logical step, which involved mobile capabilities for HR processes. “From the beginning, our vision has been to not only simplify and improve the entire employment process, but also take it completely mobile, which is the future,” he says.

Fuentes immigrated to California from Chile and got a B.A. in Political Science while learning about stocks and finances. He then attended Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he met Sean Falconer, Proven’s co-founder. It was at Stanford that Fuentes realized that his interests didn’t lie in finance. Instead, he aimed for a more socially-responsible future. Along with Falconer, who is the Chief Technology Officer, Fuentes developed a company that could “harness technology to help those on the short end of the economic divide find jobs,” writes Mike Cassidy on

Launched in August of 2012, Proven is not just for those in the restaurant business, but features jobs for those “who often patch together two or three jobs to make a living,” including baristas, retail clerks, and house cleaners, says Cassidy.

download (26)Proven’s business model is unique in that it uses “mobile technology to help a demographic that has never been addressed when it comes to using technology,” states Fuentes. The investors who are funding this socially-conscience idea are backing it with more than just their financial help. Mitch Kapor of Kapor Capital says that “from the first, [we] have been really interested in and aligned around the fact that [Fuentes is] trying to help a group of people that are typically overlooked by tech startups.”

One of the main goals of Proven is to help job seekers who were not in an office all day or who may not have access to job postings during business hours. “I’m in front of a computer all day, sitting,” Fuentes points out. “They’re not. They have a 15-minute break. They can use their iPhone to look for a job.”

Proven has been likened to LinkedIn for service workers; but with the update from August 2013, it is also now a fully-functional mobile applicant tracking system for hiring managers. The iOS and Android app allows recruiters to “carry out hiring tasks from anywhere, from their own mobile device, thus saving significant time and adding flexibility to the hiring manager’s life,” states Fuentes in Fast Company article by Neil Ungerleider. With the increase in overall app usage, the Proven app may well prove ideal for users in the service industry.

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