Halogen Software: HR hot topics hashed out in HR Raging Debates

HR_Raging_Debates_2013_FIWe’re excited to launch HR Raging Debates where some of the brightest minds in Human Resources share opposing views on HR hot topics ranging from the so-called talent shortage to HR analytics.

These are some of the hot topics keeping you and your senior management team up at night.

So let’s hash them out.

After all, with debate we can gain fresh perspectives on these trends and challenges and apply new thinking in how we build aligned and engaged teams to support better business outcomes.

Who’s in on the debate?

Participants in the 2013 HR Raging Debates include:

HR Raging Debates asks 8 questions, answered by a mix of the participants above. Their responses are insightful, and provide varied perspective that should get you thinking on how to address these topics in your own organization.

Want to get in on the debate?

Visit the HR Raging Debates page to read what these thought leaders have to say and to share your opinions. You can also follow the discussion on Twitter via the #DebateHR hashtag.

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