On January 9, 2014, HireVue announced the acquisition of Reschedge, an advanced software system designed to coordinate and organize interviews.

ReschedgeScot Sessions, the Marketing Director of HireVue, knows the issues of the lengthy and often challenging process of scheduling interviews first-hand, and he acknowledged that those very problems led to HireVue’s decision to acquire the company.

“There’s a big point — when I’m working with my HR counterperson — to say, ‘hey let’s check my calendar and get it done as quickly as possible’. When I have that candidate meeting with other individuals, that scheduling can take a great deal of time,” Sessions said in a phone interview with

With Reschedge, employers can significantly cut down the time it takes to work out a schedule, allowing more time to focus on the work itself. According to Sessions, scheduling interviews without Reschedge takes an average of 5.8 days — conversely, that average drops to 1.7 days with the innovative hiring tool.

HireVue’s vision, according to Sessions, is to “own the interview process and to make interaction with candidates as seamless as possible.” Right now, that isn’t the case for most companies. HireVue owns the digital/video interviewing portion of that process, especially with their Talent Interaction Platform, developed by CEO Mark Newman. The platform allows for a different kind of interviewing process — one that includes essays, multiple choice, and questions based on video scenarios — that uncovers a candidate’s talents and skill-sets much earlier on in ways that resumes and cover letters cannot.

hirevue_dribbble “Hiring managers that may not have been able to seek someone whose resume doesn’t stack up can now hire them with the talent interaction platform,” said Sessions.

For example, Sessions said, when an individual comes out of the military, their motivations and skills often don’t translate to a private sector. But if you stop and listen to their story of, say, preparing 10,000 meals in a battlefield situation every day, you can assume that they can adequately prepare 300 meals in a lower-stakes situation. That skill, however, doesn’t come through with a resume. That’s where HireVue’s Talent Interaction Platform can help.

maxresdefaultBut there’s even more to uncover in the hiring process, such as the scheduling that Reschedge attempts to streamline. That’s why it was important for HireVue to find and close the transaction with Reschedge — it fits into their vision of a simplified way to hire candidates.

According to Sessions, Reschedge will become fully merged with HireVue’s company, and their clients will become HireVue’s clients. In the next 90 days, Reschedge will be integrated into HireVue’s platform. Since Reschedge’s code base is built on virtually the same code base as HireVue’s platform, the transition is expected to be seamless. Both companies are excited about the acquisition and the fully integrated product set that will come with it.

“This [acquisition] further differentiates us from any other player in the space,” Sessions said. “We will continue to innovate as we move forward. Look out for HireVue, because we’re making changes.”

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