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Hiring Smarter: Assessing the Situation

How do you go about hiring new employees?

Chances are, you review resumes, check references, and conduct traditional interviews. Then, based on those findings, you cross your fingers, roll the dice, and hope this new employee works out the way you want them to. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this traditional method of hiring just doesn’t work. We think that our gut instincts are great predictors of a candidate’s potential, but that’s simply not the case.


We tend to like candidates who are attractive, articulate, and sociable, but these are not accurate predictors of employment success. Interviewing alone does not accurately take into consideration a candidate’s true job fit. If you want to hire superior employees, not just average ones, you need to explore your candidates further to determine whether they have the appropriate personality, skills, and aptitude to do the job.


How do we know this?

The numbers don’t lie, traditional interviewing processes might not be enough. One of the most staggering statistics: a research study at Michigan State University showed that only 14% of hires made on the basis of an interview alone resulted in successful hires. Accuracy in job fit increases to 60% with one assessment, 83% with two, and 90% with a third test. That’s an improvement of over 75%!


Here’s an excellent real-life example of the difference pre-employment assessments can make: A customer service call center was experiencing an annual turnover rate of 80–120% among its customer service representatives, compared to an industry average of 50%. After implementing assessments as part of its hiring process the call center slashed its turnover rate to 2%. Before implementing assessments into its hiring process, the call center was experiencing annual turnover costs approaching $2 million. The call center saved $544,000 during the first year as a result of cutting turnover—a 940% return on investment.


So, are you tired of rolling the dice?

Tired of relying on your gut about a job applicant only to find that your instincts were wrong, that the person who interviewed so well is just not a fit for the job? A new hiring process may be exactly what your organization needs. By assessing personalities, skills, and aptitudes, you can more accurately hire, move, and promote your people. This means higher workplace satisfaction for your employees and increased profitability for your company.



Kerry Goyette is the owner and president of Aperio Consulting Group, a human capital consulting firm based out of Columbia, Missouri. Before Aperio, Kerry was a private practicing therapist for over 14 years. She is a certified forensic interviewer with advanced training as an expert witness by the American Prosecutors Research Institute.

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