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The Strategic Table, Finally!

HR finally gets that coveted seat as talent management systems allow leaders to more directly map business objectives to employee objectives.  After decades of being relegated to a siloed function, HR is more relevant than ever.  This means, by the way, that CEOs are more interested in, and more involved in your everyday business.

Everyone’s a Futurist

Similarly, human resource management systems (HRMS) are facilitating the collection and analysis of loads of useful human capital data and as a result, leaders are able to make intelligent decisions and predict future workforce demands with increasing accuracy. Businesses are becoming more agile and better able to respond to the demands of a rapidly changing global economy.

More of HR is self-service

The adoption of software-as-a-service (SAAS) applications means that a lot of HR tools are moving into the cloud, allowing users to access them anytime and anywhere. It also means that more traditional HR functions are being outsourced to the individual employee.

Feedback goes social

Driven by the millennial generation, which expects fast feedback in real-time, performance feedback will be more short-term and less formal than the annual or even semi-annual reviews.  Called social performance management, employees will be evaluated on constantly evolving organizational and departmental goals via social networks.

Multi-channel engagement

It’s no longer enough to develop your mobile and social media strategies in a vacuum.  External and internal-facing HR reps and recruiters must ensure that a consistent online brand message is presented regardless of the forum – because current and potential employees are everywhere simultaneously.  HR must also staff appropriately so it can monitor all channels and interact with constituents on a daily basis.

Goodbye classrooms

Training budgets are up, but employee desire to attend long seminars in stale conference rooms is way down.  New online learning and development models featuring bite-sized, on-demand content will enable continuous learning and skill acquisition throughout the employee lifecycle and individual career.

What technology trends are shaping your world this summer?


Originally posted by Alexandra Levit on the SilkRoad Blog.

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