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At any given organization, who are the go-to employees for different specialties? Software engineer Nishant Pant has always been frustrated at how long it can take to locate the appropriate people, so he founded Indexed Mind, a company that documents who knows what.

Dallas, Texas-based Indexed Mind allows its users to find people and experts, as well as processes, skills, questions, and more. In addition to its thorough and in-depth cataloging, it is very fast, according to Pant. Simply put, Indexed Mind assists in finding people and the knowledge and skills that they offer.

Pant came up with the idea about 3 ½ years ago. “It’s been my experience that trying to find the right people at a company can be a long process,” he says. “You email and call, and then someone’s on vacation. This is such a common problem for every organization, and it’s been bothering me for years.”

Indexed Mind spent four months in private beta testing, but in early March 2015, it made the switch over to public beta. The service will be available for free as long as it’s in public beta status.

Indexed Mind logoPant estimates that Indexed Mind will go live, out of public beta, in three to four months. But he says there is no rush to do this. First, he wants to make sure there are no bugs in the system, and he wants to feel confident that his new endeavor is ready to turn a profit.

When Indexed Mind was operating as private beta, Pant wanted it to fly under the radar so the competition could not gain an edge. But now that it’s in public beta, he’s eager to get the word out about the services that Indexed Mind offers.

“The tool is tailored to find people in an organization who know stuff,” he says. “It documents who holds knowledge. We’re not trying to replace systems, but we complement other systems.”

Pant is excited about the future prospects of Indexed Mind, as people from all over the world have been contacting him about his new venture. But he is still content to move slowly and deliberately, in order to make sure he and his team (total of four) get it right.

“We want to let it evolve,” he says. “It’s important that people are able to give feedback. There will be no more major developments until we receive feedback.”

But two innovations Pant is eager to include are a mobile application and featuring a chat option on the web site.

Existing features include skill ratings, which are calculated via input from a person’s colleagues; suggestion boxes, both public and private; links to internal documentation; and the ability to engage in questions and answers with coworkers. Questions and answers, in turn, become part of the cataloged and searchable data.

“Indexed Mind revolves around skills and who owns those skills,” says Pant.

And it all happens at one click of the button.

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