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Joberate: Equifax of Human Resources by @HRTMExec

Want to know which corporations have the most active job seekers? Joberate can provide this information.

Utilizing analytics technology, New York City-based Joberate uses data derived from social media to track, and predict, people’s job seeking behavior.

“We want to be the Equifax of human resources,” says CEO and co-founder Michael Beygelman, who believes that most recruiting is actually done to replace people. “We need good tools to help companies retain people.”

To address this need, Joberate uses technology with a twist. Instead of utilizing technology to crunch internal numbers, Joberate focuses outwardly by putting its technology to work in analyzing information gleaned from social media. Beygelman believes this provides statistics more thoroughly and accurately than do traditional methods of data gathering.

One of the most commonly-used approaches by HR departments is the survey, a strategy which does not impress Beygelman.

“HR is enamored by surveys, but they are a pain,” he says. “One of our clients conducts surveys in March, but gives bonuses in April. With this type of HR internal data, employees don’t give their real opinions because they fear a backlash.”

Instead of surveys, Joberate puts its analytic algorithms to work on observing real behavior, all gleaned through openly-accessible social media.

“Social data, which observes real behavior, completely disrupts the paradigm,” says Beygelman. “The difference with our technology is that we look at actual behavior and repetitions.”

Beygelman acknowledges that no technology is foolproof, but he’s confident that Joberate is able to deliver.

“We strive to hit a 95 percent confidence level with our data, as accurate as a Gallup poll,” he says. “When we measure observable behavior, we provide actionable insights for companies to act upon.”

Joberate’s web-based platform really appeals to HR professionals, says Beygelman, who knows that his company must continue to innovate to stay on the cutting edge of recruitment and retention products.

“It’s been a long time since anything new came to the industry from a recruiting and staffing perspective,” says Holly Erlichman, a marketing specialist with Joberate. “I reached out to Michael since it’s completely new and unique. It’s disruptive and challenging norms.”

At the heart of information that Joberate purveys is its J-Index, a real-time tool that measures the percentage of employees in a given organization who are actively looking for other work. Currently J-Index numbers are assigned to Fortune 100 companies and are a reliable indicator of employee satisfaction, attrition, and levels of engagement. Lower scores mean that less employees are seeking other opportunities.

Talent search firm Alexander Mann uses Joberate technology, which it believes will help take the company to the next level.

“Alexander Mann Solutions has embraced the Joberate technology in its pursuit of one-click sourcing, bringing qualified, interested, and available candidates together with a click of a button,” says Jerry Collier, director of global innovation for Alexander Mann. “The first and second phases of this pioneering approach have now entered production and frontier technology from Joberate, which enables the ‘A’ for ‘available’.”

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