Kudoz: Perhaps the Best Employment App You’ve Never Heard Of


Kudoz: Perhaps the Best Employment App You’ve Never Heard Of @HRTMExec

You may not have heard about Kudoz, but trust me, you will. Perhaps the most impressive fact about Kudoz is that it just launched in September 2014 and has already become a top five employment app in France.

According to Kudoz business developer Romain Dalmasso, “Most of our user acquisition is organic. We were lucky enough to be featured in mainstream French media outlets and most of all, we have had very positive word of mouth from early adopters.”

Dalmasso says that there’s a huge demand for a new way to find job opportunities, especially on mobile devices. “Most of the existing solutions in France are mere adaptations of desktop services which overlook the specificities of the mobile experience. We hope that Kudoz can address this demand.”

The goal of Kudoz is to make the job hunt as simple as possible. “Kudoz was designed to make sure the signup, search, and application process is reduced to its bare minimum,” explains Dalmasso.

After users download the Kudoz app, they sign up with Kudoz using their LinkedIn account. “Our matching algorithm analyzes their profile and selects recommended jobs for them to see – all they have to do is swipe left to pass or swipe right to apply. The algorithm learns the candidate’s swipes, and the more jobs they swipe, the more relevant the jobs are.”

Over 60 percent of Kudoz’s users never utilize traditional job boards. The app is so successful that on average, a new user sends their first application 30 seconds after opening the app for the first time. According to Dalmasso, “Each active user swipes around 50 jobs per week. By making it easy and fun for them, we are bringing those professionals back on the job market to connect with recruiters.”

Although Kudoz provides obvious benefits to job seekers, Dalmasso says it also provides recruiters with four distinct advantages:

  1. Access to thousands of candidates who are passive job seekers and not looking for jobs on other job sites

  2. An algorithm that prevents the recruiter from receiving inadequate candidates

  3. An innovative channel to promote the company’s brand

  4. The ability to send rejection notifications to candidates in one click

Some of the company’s clients range from large corporations such as Axa, Gameloft, Betclic, Rocket Internet, and Leroy Merlin to start-ups such as BlaBlaCar or Doctolib.

The app is available worldwide, but currently most of the jobs are located in France.

“Although we are focusing on scaling Kudoz in France for the moment, we have huge ambitious for Kudoz overseas. If anybody inside or outside France is interested in what we are doing here, please reach out to us at hi@getkudoz.com.   And recruiters can visit recruiter.getkudoz.com and post job offers.”

For more information:
Kudoz Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/getkudoz
Presentation video link : https://vimeo.com/101933154

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