As workforce hiring begins an upswing trend, more companies are focusing not only on hiring top talent, but on molding current employees to become better workers through ongoing education, skills acquisition, and knowledge seminars. Jenny Dearborn, VP and Chief Learning Officer for SuccessFactors, shares her insights on, stating that competitive organizations understand the need to reinvent the workplace to accommodate a change in both the demographics of new candidates as well as the technologies they utilize.  One way that companies are evolving is by developing “a culture that encourages continuous learning and develops innovative leaders at all levels of the organization,” she says.

ka_logo_stack_large_transbackKnowledgeAdvisors, a leading provider of analytics solutions for human resource professionals, understood the need for companies to “merge training awareness with advances in mobile technology,” according to their website. On December 10, 2013, the organization announced the release of the MTM Mobile App, an iOS and Android platform mobile application which takes advantage of technological advances for educational benefits, according to Christine Lawther, a Client Success Manager at KknowledgeAdvisors, who supports the development, documentation, and implementation of initiatives such as the MTM Mobile App.

What is it?

MTM12The MTM Mobile App is simply a downloadable application that is available on both iOS and Android devices that can keep employees informed on available training and educational seminars and opportunities. The app also assists organizations to use data about their talent development programs in order to “increase awareness of training options, promote engagement across your entire learner population, and drive accessibility,” regardless of whether employees are at their workstation or on their mobile device, says Lawther.

KnowlegeAdvisors also announced that the new app is available at no cost to organizations that already take advantage of their Metrics that Matter® system.

How does it work?

A scheduled Multi-Level Analysis (MLA) Report provides information to the app regarding available classes and learning opportunities. When employees download the free MTM Mobile App, they can search for training that is specific to their areas of expertise. Before enrolling, users can view star ratings and comments from other users or request more information on the class. Lawther adds that although “users cannot directly register for classes”, a convenient “Contact Us” feature allows them to ask to be enrolled by an LMS administrator or HR professional.

iStock_SmartphonesThe star ratings are based on evaluation scores from all users and is depicted as a five-star system to easily identify the training courses which are most recommended.

KnowledgeAdvisors not only offers a demo for interested organizations, they also work with clients to configure the app and ensure that the account receives appropriate class information as expected. Lawther concludes that they will “also help communicate this tool at your organization and keep a pulse on adoption” to ensure that employees and management make the most of the powerful MTM Mobile App.

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