MyUnfold Uses LinkedIn and Skills Assessments to Ease Recruiting Headaches by @HRTMExec

In January, we gave you a sneak peak into a new recruiting service called MyUnfold, which leverages candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to replace the resume. Now, the company behind MyUnfold has brought the recruiting service into its beta stage and is working with a number of big names to change the way people apply for jobs and the way human resources practitioners evaluate their candidates.

When a job seeker signs up with MyUnfold, they must provide authorization for the website to pull in their profile photo, work history, and education from LinkedIn. According to Judah Piano, Director of Business Development at MyUnfold, “our whole motto from the beginning has been to kill the resume.” The theory here is that a resume does not reflect who a candidate really is and viewing what he’s chosen to share with LinkedIn is much more reflective of the his history, both in regards to his career and his education.

It doesn’t stop there, though. In fact, Piano says that “MyUnfold is doing the application, search, and apply process for you.” After job-seekers register for MyUnfold, they are given the opportunity to complete a number of skills assessments to determine precisely what their qualifications really are. These assessments are provided by a very well-vetted, reputable partner that has worked with Fortune 500 companies. Piano says that his teams recommend job-seekers take between five and seven assessments, because most recruiters are looking for candidates who are well-qualified in four to six skill areas. Once that is completed, candidates can view a list of job opportunities for which they qualify and can choose to apply to those they prefer.

How can this type of service help human resources professionals? According to Piano, such practitioners are “not doing the job that they are best at or really meant to do. Their expertise should be in working with the current employees at the company, making sure their benefits and everything is working for them, as well as on-boarding new people.” To help human resources partners get back to what they’re really good at, MyUnfold makes sure all of the candidates are qualified and vetted for the positions, as well as being interested in the job. “We’re doing all that filtration for them and hand-delivering them prequalified candidates,” Piano stresses.

In its early stages, MyUnfold is partnering with 18 different corporations to aid in recruitment. They’ve connected with several heavy hitters, including Amazon, Expedia, Nike, Mass Mutual, Mutual of Omaha, and Apple. In the first few months of the beta, MyUnfold drew in more than 240 job-seekers, matching 43 of those users to jobs. Out of that pool, twelve candidates said they were not interested in the position, two received offers, and there was one potential hire. Piano was excited about those results, elaborating that “As a recruiter, you’re sifting through thousands of resumes. To get a potential hire with just 240 users was mind-blowing.

MyUnfold is starting small, but plans to expand and begin working with more employers in the near future. For now, Piano points out, the company is “getting small groups of concentrated users and the companies that we’re working with now through the system and really making sure we’ve honed in all the inputs of it.” In a few months, however, we could easily see MyUnfold revolutionize the recruiting industry for the better, freeing up human resources professionals to actually manage benefits and career development, rather than spending so much of their time sifting through thousands of resumes.

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