SmartSearch Webinar Addresses Time-to-Hire Metric

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SmartSearch Time-To-Hire Webinar by @HRTMExec

Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc., the makers of SmartSearch, is sponsoring an informative webinar on Thursday, January 15th at noon. The hour-long event for recruiters, staffing, and human resources professionals will focus on how companies can utilize an ATS to improve the rate of time-to-hire and increase ROI.


According to the DICE-DFH Vacancy Duration Measure, the time it takes to fill jobs has reached a national average of 26.5 work days, the longest duration since 2001. Time to hire is one of the few metrics that can affect operations, security, EHS, finance, facilities, IT, and HR. The SmartSearch webinar will discuss this important metric and how HR professionals can use it to add business value. Guest speaker Geoffrey Dubiski, Chief Talent Scout with Sumner Grace, will explain how – and why – “proactive pipelining and utilization of your ATS can give your team a strong ROI and shorten the time to hire without compromising quality.”


One of the main reasons for the increase in hiring time is the sheer number of under-qualified candidates for positions which require specific skills. Employers are becoming more fastidious in their requirements and hiring standards, leading to open positions within the organization, which affects productivity, profit, and even moral.


“Sought-after candidates, especially the passive candidate or employed worker, are not interested in the excessively long interview and assessment process. This has left many companies vulnerable to loss of revenue as they continue the search for qualified candidates,” says Doug Coull, CEO, APS.


SmartSearch Time-To-Hire Webinar by @HRTMExecThe webinar will include information on pipelining and utilizing an ATS to reduce time-to-hire without compromising the quality of new hires. Additionally, attendees will learn how to gain control of monitoring time-to-hire within their own company, enabling them to lower decrease the time-to-hire duration, save money on the process, and drive improvement in the process both now and in the future.


“Time to fill is one of the most abused and misunderstood metrics in recruiting as well as one of the most influential to the entire organization,” states Dubiski. “To get this metric wrong, and miss the analytical upside, is probably why your leadership does not value recruiting as a  profitable influencer to the organization. Let’s change that!”


Space is limited. If interested, register for this free webinar here:

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