Let’s face it: companies are still manually handling payroll, taxes, 401K and even health insurance. It can become a daunting and arduous task that most of us don’t look forward to. That’s exactly why ZenPayroll completely redesigned how they communicate with users, and how user communicate with their employees.

zenpayrollIn December of 2012, a group of entrepreneurs from Stanford University launched a company with the goal to change the way people get paid. ZenPayroll launched an automated cloud-based payroll service for small to medium sized businesses. Joshua Reeves, the CEO of ZenPayroll, found that many of those who have been doing payroll manually end up with a large amount of mistakes, leading to fines against them due to accounting issues. It was time for someone to take charge and try something new.

With their sleek and modern web and application design, ZenPayroll has made an all-inclusive, comprehensive payroll service that allows you to manage all of your payroll information, including government payroll taxes, 401K and health insurance, all in one easy-to-use space. Instead of handing in paperwork, you can enter your info online and start using ZenPayroll immediately. All you have to do is simply input how many hours have been worked, pay rate, bonuses, zenpayroll-dashboard-screenshot-42fd491636a33d7b68cde922937de559-1024x679commissions and any other additional earnings, and the rest is left to the software. The payment will automatically be created and directly deposited into the employees account on the day you schedule it to go out. Once the payment has gone out, employees receive a personalized email that thanks them for their hard work, allowing them to feel appreciated.

The company raised $6.1 million in its’ first round of funding from many prestigious individuals from various companies, including YouTube, DropBox, Yelp and Google Ventures. With major investors such as these, it continues to show the rising promise of the companies goals, as well as maintaining the reputation they had built for themselves.

On top of all of the success they have experienced within the last year, ZenPayroll also announced a launch in April for services to cater towards accountants dealing with independent contractors. With ZenPayroll, these contractors can be ZenPayroll-Hero-Imagepaid via direct deposit, with all payments being reported at the end of the year on IRS Form 1099. All of their payment history is recorded and can also include records of payments from outside of the SaaS (software-as-a-service).

The rates for users are incredibly affordable, which is an added bonus for small and medium sized business owners. Both employees and contractors have the same rate – a base rate of $25 per company and $4 per employee. If a company grows to over 10 employees or contractors, the rate drops down to $2 for each additional person. With over 1/3 of the workforce in the United States being independent contractors, this will lower the chances for any mistakes to fall through the cracks.

ZenPayroll believes in changing payroll for the modern businesses. The company understands the importance of changing with the times and how everyone just wants life to be a little bit easier. Now, with a large selection of easy to manage features, all human resource managers have the ability to do just that.

About ZenPayroll from https://zenpayroll.com

ZenPayroll is modern, delightful payroll. Our mission is to make payroll as simple and intuitive as possible using the principles and tools of modern software. The payroll market today is filled with unnecessary layers of complexity, manual tasks and numerous fees. We built ZenPayroll to fix this. ZenPayroll was founded by entrepreneurs from Stanford University and we are proudly based in San Francisco, CA.

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